About Derive

 About Derive Jewelry


Derive (verb) - /de'riv/ - to take or receive something from a source.

A spontaneous journey where the traveler is guided by the landscape.

Collected like moments

Jewelry is a souvenir and travel companion, a celebration of places or people, a reminder of personal decisions.

Collecting pieces like moments, your jewelry has the power to transport you. 

I see jewelry for both its beauty and what it comes to represent. Your jewelry becomes a collection of times and memories, gathered along the journey.


Designed for discovery

Inspired by adventure, Derive Jewelry draws on both far-flung travels and the land at our feet.

The central Oregon landscape that surrounds me infuses my work. The high desert sun, the mountains and valleys, an endless expanse of sky. All are reflected in my designs and materials.

But as I craft your jewelry, my thoughts often wander further afield. My free-spirited pieces are inspired by the call of the wild and the world. In each are thoughts of journeys past and dreams of where they may yet travel…


Born from the earth, inspired by the earth

My brand name is a nod to origin and creation, deriving both materials and inspiration from the earth.

Ever grateful for what it gives us, Derive Jewelry honors the beauty of our world. With nature-inspired textures, color palettes, and gemstones, my pieces are from and of the earth.

Using sustainably sourced materials, I add beautiful, natural gemstones to sterling silver and 14kt gold fill. Every scrap of leftover metal is refined to be used again for an everlasting cycle of inspiration and craft.


About The Designer

Hi! I’m Erica, designer and founder of Derive.

Every piece of Derive is still designed and handcrafted by me here in the central Oregon studio where it all began. I saw and solder, hammer and form, choose and set natural gemstones.

From local beginnings we now sell to over 90 retailers nationwide, and send our pieces across the globe from our website. I’m humbled and grateful to have my jewelry out in the world - it means everything to see my designs embraced with such love.

My work is inspired by a love for adventure. I’m a passionate traveler, whether I’m exploring nature here in Oregon or heading out on a wild adventure.

My greatest thrill comes from the thought of my jewelry heading out into the world to join you on your journeys…


If you’d like to join me on mine, you’ll find inspiration, design, and travels over on our Instagram page at @derive_jewelry