About Derive

Meet Erica, the owner and creator who personally makes each of your orders.

The desire for unique, organically formed one-of-a-kind pieces is what started the personal hobby of jewelry making for Erica and due to metal sensitivities she wanted to create pieces she knew she could trust on her skin. It was also a great creative outlet to enjoy in free time away from her healthcare career.

What is known today as Derive Jewelry was born in June of 2019 when a retailer approached Erica about selling at a local boutique. Turning a hobby into a business then began with local pop-up markets and selling on an online platform in addition to a couple local boutiques. By early 2021 Erica went all in with Derive Jewelry- launching her own website and selling to over 40 retailers nationally. Erica continues to pop up for local events in her community, connecting with people where it all started and donates to causes with meaning to her.

The passion of creating and bringing unique, quality pieces to you was a driving decision of evolving into the business that Derive Jewelry is today. 

All jewelry is handmade to order in Erica's studio using ethically sourced materials including recycled 14k gold fill and sterling silver- made in the US. Every metal scrap is saved and returned to the supplier, where it is melted down to be reused again. Raw stones in their natural state are a favorite at Derive. Each piece is created from inspiration from past and current travels, local adventures, and our beautiful central Oregon scenery. If you follow along on social media, you will see some of these adventures and also see some behind the scenes including the adorable shop dog, Husky the border collie! 

Love from one dream chaser to another. -E